interlock with organic cotton


Interlock fabrics are knitted on two needle beds in which the needles are directly opposed and work alternately. Both sides of the fabric look identical and have a close surface structure. Interlocks are extensible, but not as much as for example rib fabrics. One of the good things about interlocks is that they don't curl, which makes them easier to work with. They have many different applications: underwear, sports, leisure wear and T-shirts.

Heavy black interlock GOTS organic cotton

Heavy white interlock GOTS organic cotton

Heavy natural interlock GOTS organic cotton

Grey interlock GOTS organic cotton

Blue interlock GOTS organic cotton

Black interlock GOTS organic cotton

Offwhite interlock GOTS organic cotton

Natural interlock GOTS organic cotton


Rosa interlock jersey of GOTS certified organic cotton

Interlocks from Ecological Textiles

is a material that looks great, offers a fantastic wearing comfort and is pleasant to work with. Due to its construction the fabric has a natural stretch, even when made from 100 percent organic cotton. Interlock feels firm and is slightly thicker, stronger and therefore more durable than some other knit fabrics, while still being relatively inexpensive. One of the advantages of the INTERLOCK is that it does not curl and is therefore easy to work with.

The fabric takes its name from the technique used to make it. It is knitted on a machine with two needle beds in which the needles are placed directly opposed to each other and work alternately. For this reason, INTERLOCKS are classified as double knits. They are usually produced on a circular knitting machine, often the fabric is cut open before delivery.
Because INTERLOCKS are knitted on two needle beds, it sometimes seems as if the fabric consists of two layers, which in a certain sense it does. But the layers are inseparable, they are 'interlocked'.

A characteristic of the INTERLOCK is that it is a tightly knit fabric, which therefore has a smooth and even surface and is pleasant to the touch. Like other double-knits, INTERLOCK is somewhat thicker and stronger, but due to its construction it is also stretchy even when made entirely from cotton. Being a bit thicker also gives the INTERLOCK a bit more absorbency and also a bit more stability, which means that it keeps its shape well. All in all, it is a comfortable and versatile fabric.

Some advantages of interlock in processing:

  • Interlocks do not curl up but stay flat
  • Compared to other knitted fabrics, interlocks are somewhat thicker and have more volume
  • Interlocks have a smooth surface with a firm grip
  • Both sides of the fabric are identical Interlocks are fairly stretchy and elastic

The versatility of INTERLOCKS is reflected in their applications. These include sportswear, hoodies, homewear, better quality t-shirts, underwear, sleepwear (nightshirts, pyjamas), baby clothes, etc.

The interlocks of ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES are all made of organic cotton. The interlock ET_TKS007_11 is a slightly heavier fabric due to the 5% elastane content. All interlocks in the collection are GOTS certified. This certification is your best guarantee for organic cotton, environmentally friendly production and care for good working conditions and social rights at the workplace.
All our INTERLOCKS are produced from Turkish organic cotton grown in the Aegean districts (Aegean organic cotton). The processing (spinning, knitting, dyeing) takes place in GOTS-certified companies in the direct vicinity of the growing areas. Transport to our warehouse in the Netherlands takes place by truck. Cutting and packing is done in our own GOTS-certified company.

Sample sets

Samples of the different fabrics can be ordered seperately or in a set. We have prepared two sets with ORGANIC COTTON INTERLOCK. These can be viewed and ordered at our Sample Service.


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