Rib 1x1 stretch GOTS organic cotton

Rib 1x1 stretch GOTS organic cotton

Rib 1x1 stretch optical white organic cotton

Rib 1x1 stretch GOTS organic cotton

Rib 1x1 stretch GOTS organic cotton

Rib 1x1 melange grey GOTS organic cotton

Samples of organic cotton 1x1 rib

Black rib 1x1 GOTS organic cotton

Blue rib 1x1 GOTS organic cotton

Rib 1x1 organic cotton camel colour

Rib 1x1 organic cotton grey melange

Natural rib 1x1 GOTS organic cotton

Offwhite rib 1x1 GOTS organic cotton

Rib 1x1 stretch GOTS organic cotton

Rib fabrics from Ecological Textiles

RIB FABRICS are the stretchiest types of knits. They are easy to distinguish from other jerseys because they show raised and sunken vertical stripes. It is this structure that makes rib fabrics more elastic and stretchy than e.g. single jerseys even when made from 100 percent cotton. When used in clothing, they tend to fit the body. Because the elasticity is mainly created by the structure, rib fabrics are durable and stay in shape fairly well.

Ribbed knits from organic cotton are soft, breathable, can be worn directly on the skin and feel comfortable. That’s why they are not only used for cuffs of sleeves and borders for garments (ribbing) but also for shirts, underwear, sweaters, cardigans etc. The ribbed structure gives the fabric some extra volume, RIB FABRICS feel a bit thicker. Nonetheless they are perfect for making summer clothing.

The fabric is reversable, both sides look the same. Ecological Textiles offers 1x1 and 2x2 fabrics. Both show the typical pattern of raised and sunken vertical stripes (wales) but these are more distinct in the 2x2. We offer both rib jerseys made from 100% organic cotton and ribs with some elastane. The elastane gives the fabrics some more weight and dimensional stability.

All organic cotton RIB FABRICS in the collection of ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES are GOTS certified. This certification is your best guarantee that the cotton was really grown organically, produced environmentally friendly and that care has been taken for good working conditions and social rights at the workplace.
The fabrics are produced from Turkish organic cotton grown in the Aegean districts (Aegean organic cotton). The processing (spinning, knitting, dyeing) takes place in GOTS-certified companies in the direct vicinity of the growing areas. Transport to our warehouse in the Netherlands takes place by truck. Cutting and packing is done in our own GOTS-certified company.


Samples of the different fabrics can be ordered separately or in a set. There are three sample sets with RIB FABRICS. One set contains samples of the ribbed 1x1 and 2x2 ribs, the second set contains the different colours of the 2x2 rib ET_TKS008_8. The third set contains samples of the heavy and wide 4x4 rib ET_TKS008_12.


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