organic cotton batistE


View our ORGANIC COTTON BATISTE FABRICS here. These fine plain weaves, lightweight and sometimes almost transparant are breathable and perfect for making blouses, dresses, pyjamas, lingerie, sheets etc. and are also used for lining. Despite being fairly inexpensive, batiste is still considered a luxury product.

Offwhite batist GOTS organic cotton PFP

Red brown batist GOTS organic cotton

Light blue batist GOTS organic cotton

Grey batist GOTS organic cotton

Green batist GOTS organic cotton

Blue batist GOTS organic cotton

Black batist GOTS organic cotton

Natural batist GOTS organic cotton

Quilted batiste with extra layer

Batiste from Ecological Textiles

All BATISTE FABRICS from ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES are GOTS certified. GOTS is the leading standard for organic textiles, and fabrics carrying the GOTS label represent the ultimate in ecological and sustainable production. It not only assures you that the cotton from which this fabric was made was grown organically, without using insecticides or pesticides, you can also be sure that the most ecological and socially responsible methods have been used throughout the entire production process.
Some characteristics of batiste

  • Batiste is a soft and fine fabric, usually made from cotton. Some textile manufacturers also use polyester or lyocell. This of course reduces the breathability of the fabric
  • The batiste from ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES is made from combed yarns, which makes the fabric softer as opposed to fabrics made from carded yarns.
  • It is used for delicate garments, e.g. lingerie, pyjamas, spring and summer clothes, lightweight dresses and blouses