whipcord from pure new wool

A whipcord is a twill that originally was made from wool but nowadays mainly from cotton. The whipcords in our collection are all made from 100% new wool. Like other twills the whipcord is characterised by steep diagonal lines, but its ribs are more pronounced. It is a very elegant fabric, used for e.g. coats, jackets and suits.

Natural whipcord wool fabric

Grey whipcord wool fabric

Grey melange whipcord wool fabric

Dark grey melange whipcord wool fabric

Black whipcord wool fabric

Whipcord from Ecological Textiles

These whipcord fabrics weigh 375 gr/m2. That is why we have placed them in the category of Heavy woolen fabrics, that contains all fabrics with a weight of more than 300 gr/m2.