fabrics from tencel


Tencel is a revolutionary eco-friendly and economical fibre. It is spun from a renewable resource, pulp from eucalyptus wood. The main difference with other viscose filaments is that pulping happens in a closed loop system in which the solvents are re-used. This unique closed loop production process makes lyocell a eco-friendly and yet very modern fibre. In addition the dyeing process requires much less dyes than cotton. Ecological Textiles offers both knitted and woven fabrics that are made from Tencel®, a high quality lyocell yarn produced by Lenzing.

Single Jersey Tencel and cotton

Single Jersey Tencel and cotton

Black plain weave Tencel

Red plain weave Tencel

Navy blue plain weave Tencel

White plain weave Tencel

Single jersey of tencel

Single jersey of tencel


Taupe tencel single jersey

Single jersey of tencel


Black tencel single jersey

Tencel chambray

Tencel from Ecological Textiles

Tencel is a brand name for lyocell, a viscose that was developed by the Austrian company Lenzing AG. Tencel fabrics are very versatile. They are light, smooth, soft and silky, breathable and form-retaining. In addition they have good anti-bacterial properties which is why they are widely used in casual wear or sportswear. An additional advantage is that Tencel is very absorbent, which means that less colouring substances are needed in the dyeing process.

Tencel is made from wood pulp, mostly eucalyptus. The trees are grown on sustainably managed plantations conform FSC regulations. The solvents that are used for making the wood pulp are made by using petrochemicals. However, the closed loop system in which this takes place means that harmful waste is very limited. According to Lenzing the solvent recovery rate is 99%.

  • Compostable and 100% biodegradable
  • Botanic origin of FSC regulated forests
  • Closed loop production of the fibres
  • Comfortable

Tencel has a somewhat more technical appearance than natural materials. Because tencel is essentially a man made fibre, it can never be certified by GOTS. 

ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES offers both woven and knitted tencel fabrics. Both qualities are made in Turkey. The factories are obliged to work with the original Lenzing recipes, otherwise the fabrics may not be called tencel.


Samples of the different fabrics can be ordered seperately or in a set. We have prepared one set with samples of woven tencel fabrics. These can be viewed and ordered at our Sample Service.