Coupon 1,50 m of white single jersey of tencel

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Stretchy offwhite tencel single jersey, piece of 150 cm

Stretchy single jersey from tencel and 4% elastane

This comfortable, smooth and very soft fabric drapes nicely and can be worn next to the skin. With a weight of 190 gr/m2 this single jersey is a perfect choice for making t-shirts, shirts, underwear, skirts and dresses.
Tencel filament yarns are derived from renewable wood sources in a closed loop process. The yarns have a silky smoothness and the fabrics made from it have a luxurious appearance. This single jersey was produced in Turkey with the original Lenzing tencel yarns.

Order samples

A sample of this fabric is included in our sample set of tencel single jerseys. These can be ordered here:

Fabric specifications

PRODUCT NAME: ET_TKS002_7 offwhite
COMPOSITION: 96/4% tencel/elastane
WIDTH: 155 cm.
WEIGHT IN GR/m2: 190
SHRINKAGE: max 6-7% in width and length

Colours of this fabric

White tencel single jersey with elastane


Black tencel single jersey with elastane


Composition: 96/4% tencel/elastane
Weight: 190 g/m2
Colour: offwhite