The Tinctorial Textiles collection brings together thirteen fabrics - thirteen colours on a light-weight, semi translucent wool voile. The fabrics are woven from organic wool and vegetably dyed with indigo (for the blue hues), madder (red) or weld (yellow). Sometimes the fabrics have been over-dyed to achieve different colours, sometimes only the depth and saturation of the colours are different.

Naturally dyed Wool Mousseline - Blue

Naturally dyed Wool Mousseline - Pale Blue

Naturally dyed Wool Mousseline - Pink

Naturally dyed Wool Mousseline - Purple

Naturally dyed Wool Mousseline - Red

Naturally dyed Wool Mousseline - Orange

Naturally dyed Wool Mousseline - Pale pink

Naturally dyed Wool Mousseline - Pale orange

Naturally dyed Wool Mousseline - Dark yellow

Naturally dyed Wool Mousseline - Pale yellow

Naturally dyed Wool Mousseline - Yellow

Naturally dyed Wool Mousseline - Green

Naturally dyed Wool Mousseline - Dark Green

What is Tinctorial Textiles?

ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES offers TINCTORIAL TEXTILES, a range of thirteen semi translucent woolen fabrics, dyed with natural colours. All of the colours have been derived from three plants: madder (Rubia Tinctorium), woad (Isatis Tinctoria) and weld (Reseda Luteola). Dyeing with plants not only stands in a long and beautiful tradition, naturally dyed fabrics also show a rich, broad colour spectrum as a result of the different colouring particles in the plant, where in chemical dyes only one molecule determines a colour. Apart from this natural dyes are produced from renewable sources (plants) whereas synthetic dyes still use fossil oil.

These natural colours have been applied on a very fine lightweight mousseline, made from organic wool. A superb quality, super soft, gentle on the skin and 100% biodegradable. Wool sheds no microplastics, is long-lasting, dirt resistant, perfectly recyclable and has natural flame retardant properties. Organic wool means that extra care was given to animal welfare and that the highest social and ecological standards were followed in every step of the production chain.

Due to its high water and nitrogen content, wool is naturally fire resistant. This makes wool a perfect choice not only for apparel but also for interior applications. Wool will only ignite if subjected to a very powerful heat source in combination with high levels of oxygen. Even then it smoulders rather then it burns. Contrary to synthetic fibers it does not melt or stick to the skin. Therefore the TINCTORIAL TEXTILES wool from ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES has no fire retardant finish. However, when required it is possible to supply the fabrics with an eco-friendly and biobased fire retardant finish.

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Tinctorial Textiles curtains