Organic cotton yarn Nm 34/1 colour Genista

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Organic cotton yarn, dyed with Greenweed

Single ply organic cotton yarn for knitting and weaving. The yarn is dyed yellow with Dyers Greenweed (L. Genista tinctoria). Greenweed is known for its good light fastness. The origin of the cotton is Western Turkey (Aegean organic cotton), where it was also spun. It was dyed in the EU.

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Samples of naturally dyed organic cotton yarns can be obtained by sending us a mail. Don't forget to mention your adress.

Product specifications

PRODUCT NAME: ET_TKY010 genista tinctoria
COMPOSITION: 100% organic cotton
CONE WEIGHT: app. 1 kg
THICKNESS: Nm 34/1 - Ne 20/1

Composition: 100% organic cotton
Colour: yellow