Yarn is a fundamental element in the textile and fashion industry, and designers often choose from a wide variety of materials and yarn types to create their desired fabrics and products. We present the best sustainable options in natural yarns; organic for cotton, linen and wool, and innovative yarns such as recyled cotton and hemp.

Our choice of yarn materials is based on factors like the intended use, texture, appearance, and performance characteristics. Understanding the properties of different yarns is crucial for creating textiles that meet the specific needs and preferences of the end-users.


Yarns for weaving and knitting, made from Turkish Aegean organic cotton, from a very fine Nm 85/2 to Nm 20/2


These all contain a certain percentage of pre-consumer waste that is recycled. The thickness is Nm 34/2 or Nm 20/2.


Sewing yarns in several thicknesses (Nm) and colours. These yarns are available on large (5000 meter) and small (100 meter) cones.


Yarns and rope in several thicknesses, made from 100% hemp, hemp and organic cotton or recycled hemp and organic cotton.


Wool yarns, some from organic wool and naturally dyed.


Yarns with linen and abaca. Organic and conventional

Yarns, the foundation of our fabrics

Yarns are the foundation of all woven and knitted fabrics. Indeed, the basic structure of fabrics consists of yarns that can be made in infinite variations and that ultimately, together with the design of the fabric, determine its appearance. Whether a fabric is plain and smooth or has a more lively and even wrinkled structure is often determined by yarns. Are these yarns made from a single thread or are they made up of multiple, twisted threads? Yarns are the building blocks of most textile products.

For Ecological Textiles, it is important that yarns are made of 100 per cent natural fibres, from certified organic farming and GOTS certified wherever possible. Our cotton yarns are usually certified organic, for other fibres this is usually more difficult due to the much smaller availability.

In Ecological Textiles' collection, you will find yarns made from the following materials:

COTTON YARNS because they are soft, breathable, versatile and ideal for making lightweight, comfortable garments, home textiles, and accessories.
HEMP YARN is durable and strong, it has a natural appearance and texture and is often chosen for bags, accessories, and rugged outdoor clothing.
LINEN YARN is made from the flax plant. The yarn is breathable and cool, making it perfect for summer clothing and develops a unique, rustic texture over time.
WOOL YARN is warm and insulating due to its natural properties. Used for knitting and crocheting cozy sweaters, scarves, and winter wear.
SILK YARNS are luxurious, soft, and shiny. It creates elegant and smooth fabrics and is suitable for high-end clothing, lingerie, and accessories.
Yarns made from a combination of different fibers, such as cotton and linen or wool and silk. Blended yarns can offer a balance of properties from their component materials.

We also offer a range of yarns made from pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled cotton yarns. Of these, the pre-consumer recycled yarns are available in a range of beautiful colours.