Organic cotton fibres for e.g. stuffing

Raw organic cotton

Ginned organic cotton

This GOTS certified raw organic cotton has already been ginned. Ginning is the first process after harvesting the cotton. It involves separating the cotton fibres from the seeds using a cotton gin. Once the cotton fibres have been separated, they are ready to be processed into various products. The raw fibres can be used for stuffing and wadding or can serve as a basic material for needle punch. The can also be spun into yarns for textiles and clothing.

GOTS only certifies the processing of the organic raw material but is a member of Organics International (IFOAM) an umbrella organization for organic farming. This is your guarantee that GOTS certified raw cotton is indeed grown organic, that requirements for fair labor practices, responsible water usage, and safe working conditions have been followed and verified by an independent third-party certification body.

This organic cotton is grown in the Aegean region of Turkey, which is known for its ideal climate and soil conditions for growing cotton. The area has a warm, sunny climate and fertile soil with high levels of organic matter. These conditions contribute to the exceptional quality of the cotton grown in this region.
The term Aegean cotton only indicates the origin of the cotton, not the variety of the cotton plant from which it comes. Normally, Upland Cotton is grown here, the most common cotton variety.

ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES is a GOTS-certified company which means, among other things, that we can provide you with a so called Transaction Certificate (TC) which prooves that the goods meet all GOTS product criteria.


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