sample sets of woolen fabrics

Samples of whipcord

Fine plain weave

Heavy duffel melange

Heavy duffel uni

Heavy loden plain weave, melange

Heavy plain weave, melange

Medium loden plain weave

Medium loden twill Green Heart wool

Medium loden twill, melange

Medium twill

Medium twill

Medium twill, melange

Medium twill, melange

Samples interlock felted, boiled wool

Samples of organic wool

Samples of woven linen and wool

Samples organic wool GOTS yarn Nm 28/2

Samples Tinctorial Textiles

Samples wool felt, thickness 1 mm, brown range

Very fine plain weave

Very heavy duffel

Very heavy twill

Wool felt, thickness 1 mm, grey range

Wool felt, thickness 1-3-5 mm, natural