organic cotton and hemp denim


Denim is one of the most important and popular fabrics in fashion. Because denim is usually associated with jeans, it is also called 'jeans fabric'. One of the main differences from canvas is that denims are always woven in a twill. The steep diagonal line that is typical for twill weaves is clearly visible in the denim.

Raw denim of hemp and organic cotton

Prewashed denim of hemp and organic cotton

Chambray denim grey GOTS

Chambray denim indigo GOTS

Hemp denim

Hemp denim raw

Natural hemp denim

Black hemp denim

Blue hemp denim

Soft hemp denim

Denims from Ecological Textiles

Our denims are made from hemp and organic cotton. That we use hemp may be regarded as innovative, but on the other hand the denims from which Levi Strauss made his first jeans were also made of hemp. This was later replaced by the less expensive cotton.

  • In the denims used in the classic jeans look, the warp threads are dyed blue, the weft was left white
  • Raw denim has not been washed. This gives the fabric a rougher and stiffer texture
  • The origin of the denim lies in the French city of Nimes. Denim actually means nothing more than 'from Nimes' (Fr. de Nimes)
  • Because denim is always yarn-dyed, products made from it cannot be overdyed - they would loose the characteristic of the true denim