ready-to-use dyeing kits


Plant dyeing can be easy and the results can be great. The raw dyeing materials shown beneath are included in do-it-yourselve kits that are developed for dyeing cotton or linen (natural cellulose fibers) and wool or silk (proteine fibers). Two different kits may contain the same dyeing substance (for example catechu, extracted from accacia trees) but the fixative salts used for cellulose fibers are different from those used for proteine fibers. These dyes are meant for dyeing untreated fabrics of one composition, e.g. 100% wool or 100% cotton. We advise against dyeing garments or treated fabrics with it.

Plant dye in mango colour

Plant dye for dyeing yellow

Natural dye for dyeing in carmine colour

Plant dye for dyeing in nut cream colour

Plant dye for redbrown

Plant dye for red

Plant dye for purple colours

Indigo for dyeing blue colours

Plant dye for antracite colours

Plant dye for olive green colours

69 recipes for blue dyeing