hemp canvas


Hemp fabrics with a soul. These sturdy fabrics are either made from Chinese or European hemp. Most of them are spun, woven and finished in Europe. Some of these fabrics are stonewashed which has given them a softer touch and a unique look. Available in many soft colours. These fabrics are used in a wide variety of applications, for curtains, upholstery, handbags etc. 

Soft black hemp canvas

Plain weave hemp and wool

Plain weave hemp and wool

Fine hemp canvas

Fine hemp canvas

Hemp canvas in natural colour

Black canvas

Hemp canvas stonewashed carribean

Hemp canvas stonewashed lagoon

Hemp canvas stonewashed summersky

Hemp canvas stonewashed dark denim

Hemp canvas stonewashed navy

Hemp canvas stonewashed black

Hemp canvas stonewashed chocolate brown

Hemp canvas stonewashed ginger snap

Hemp canvas stonewashed curry

Hemp canvas stonewashed sand

Hemp canvas stonewashed sable

Hemp canvas stonewashed chutney

Hemp canvas stonewashed henna

Hemp canvas stonewashed red

Hemp canvas stonewashed mulberry

Hemp canvas stonewashed tulip wood

Hemp canvas stonewashed old mauve

Hemp canvas stonewashed cement

Hemp canvas from Ecological Textiles

Hemp is one of the oldest and also one of the most durable textile fibres. The plant has few natural ennemies and grows so fast that weeds hardly have a chance to develop. As a result, hardly any insecticides or herbicides are used in the cultivation of the plant. In addition, hemp consumes little water and stores a lot of CO2. The plant is very versatile plant and many things can be made from it. Hemp is grown organically everywhere, even if this is not always reflected in certifications.

Hemp is one of the strongest plant fibers. In addition, it has an exceptional look and feel. Hemp yarns, and therefore also hemp fabrics, always show small irregularities that give the material its special character.

In this section we present both European and Chinese hemp canvas. European hemp varieties are considered to be superior by many experts but the reality we are dealing with is that the technology to process hemp into textiles has all but disappeared from Europe. This concerns agricultural machines but also spinning mills and weaving mills. In China there is both more hemp cultivation and a larger hemp processing industry.

Ecological Textiles, as a European company, is a staunch supporter of European textile production. That is why we are a member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA). In our newsletter and via social media we regularly post about the activities that are being developed around the hemp theme.