hemp yarns

yarns from hemp for weaving and knitting

Yarns from pure hemp or from hemp and organic cotton for weaving and knitting. The origin of the hemp is either China or Europe. The collection includes single ply yarns but also 2 ply- 3 ply or 12 ply yarns in different yarn numbers.


Hemp yarn Nm 6/1

Hemp yarn Nm 9,5/1

White hemp yarn Nm 12/1

White hemp yarn Nm 26/1

White yarn Nm 24/1 hemp

Hemp and organic cotton yarn, 11s

Recycled hemp and organic cotton yarn, 11s/2

Rope from hemp

Yarn Nm 10/1

Hemp yarn Nm 20/1

Yarn Nm 1/1

Yarn Nm 8/2

Yarn Nm 6/2

Natural 3-ply hemp yarn

Natural 6-ply hemp yarn

Natural 12-ply hemp yarn

Abaca yarn Nm 40/1

Abaca yarn Nm 60/2

Yarn from 100% hemp Nm 10/1