Single ply hemp yarn Nm 10/1

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Single ply hemp yarn Nm 10/1 in natural colour

Single-ply yarn of 100% European hemp in the natural colour. The yarn is mostly used for weaving and knitting and has a thickness of about 0,5 mm. The weight indicated in number metric (Nm 10/1) means that 10 meter of yarn weighs 1 gram. A cone weighs about one kilo. The yarn is unbleached and not dyed, meaning that the colour of the hemp is determined during the retting process. This implies that differences in colour between different batches may occur.

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A card with samples of European hemp yarns can be viewed and obtained here:

Product specifications

COMPOSITION: 100% hemp
Nm: 10/1
COLOUR: Natural

Composition: 100% hemp
Yarncount: Nm 10/1
Colour: Natural