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Fabrics, clothing materials and colours have always been an important means of expression. We use them for making a statement, we show something of who we are and of how we stand in life. We opt for natural materials, organic fabrics and yarns. Eco, fair, good for us, good for the planet.


At Ecological Textiles you can make smaller orders from just one meter. To be able to compare the materials properly you can also order samples. The samples are grouped in sets by material or fabric type. You can also compose your own sampleset.


We are in the midst of a climate and plastic crisis, but clothing fibers are still mainly made from oil-derived synthetic fibers (69% versus 31% natural materials). In any case, our natural fabrics are made from renewable raw materials, mostly plant-based. But with our fabrics you limit your footprint even further, because you choose materials that have been processed according to the highest ecological and social standards. Choosing organic cotton, hemp, organic linen and organic wool is also a choice for organic farming, good water management, fair fair production. It makes nature happy.


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Please contact us when you have a question or want to know more about our fibres, dyes, yarns and fabrics. Just drop an email or give us a call.


The webshop offers the possibility of buying seperate samples and sample sets. It's possible to order small quantities, from one meter.