Loden fabrics

loden fabrics - pure wool, warm, water- and dirt repellent, long lasting

Loden fabrics made from 100% wool, from animal friendly and organic sheep farming. Wool fabrics in a beautiful colour spectrum with a modern look but originating from an ancient tradition and great craftsmanship.

Heavy loden in purple colours

Heavy loden in silver grey melange colours

Heavy loden in dark blue melange colours

Heavy loden in slate blue melange colours

Heavy loden in green melange colours

Heavy loden in dark green colours

Heavy loden in red melange colours

Heavy loden in dark red colours

Heavy loden in orange melange colours

Heavy loden in dark yellow colours

Heavy loden in black-brown colours

Heavy loden in oyster grey colours

Heavy loden in light grey colours

Heavy loden of Campine wool

Light loden in offwhite colour

Light loden in blue colour

Light loden in light blue colour

Light loden in beige colour

Light loden in caramel colour

Light loden in black colour

Light loden in navy colour

Light loden in dark blue colour

Light loden in brown colour

Light loden in lime green colour

Light loden in olive green colour

What is Loden?

 is a collective name for dense and heavy woven wool fabrics, often (but not always) in a blended melange look.

LODEN fabrics are always made with carded yarns, which are a bit more voluminous and fluffier than worsted yarns. Equally important is that LODEN fabrics are always fulled. They are distinguished from each other by the different weaving techniques that are used and the intensity with which the fabrics are fulled. Fulling makes the fabrics stronger and warmer, increases the natural water- and dirt-repellent properties of wool and makes the fabrics more windproof.

Wool naturally ensures a good balance between body and ambient temperature. In addition, wool is breathable. It absorbs water vapor and perspiration and releases it into the environment.

These LODEN fabrics are suitable for light jackets, dresses, accessories and interior products. They are also used for making historical clothing for reenactment or the film industry.