water repellent canvas


Despite having a water-repellent finish, the look and feel of these organic cotton fabrics is the same as other canvas. The water-repellent finish fully complies with GOTS requirements. This canvas is water-repellent, strong, sturdy and made in several bright colours.

Water repellent canvas in ruby colour

Water repellent canvas in ochre colour

Water repellent canvas in dark green colour

Water repellent canvas in navy colour

Water repellent canvas in anthracite colour

Water repellent canvas in black colour

Eco-friendly water-repellent canvas

This organic cotton canvas is made water-repellent with an eco-friendly finish called Ruco Dry-Eco. This finish is totally compliant to the GOTS standard, which makes it ideal for eco-friendly jackets, bags and other outdoor applications. The fabrics are washable up to 10 times at maximum 30°C and will retain their hydrophobic quality after being ironed or tumble dried. After washing it 10 times the fabric will gradually loose its water repellency. The water repellent finish can resist abrasion and wearing, though it will dissolve by using softeners or drycleaning chemicals.

We make this canvas in six different colours. In case you prefer another colour, this is possible from an order of 250 mtr. or more.

The fabrics are made from Aegean cotton that was grown and processed in West Turkey. The proximity of cotton farms and textile industry keeps the eco footprint low. The fabrics are transported to the Netherlands by truck.

Like all our cotton fabrics these water-repellent canvases are GOTS certified.

There is a set with samples of all water repellent fabrics: a gabardine, a canvas and a waxed fabric. We also offer a set with the four colours of the water repellent canvas ET_TKW013_0.