Canvas from organic cotton, hemp and linen


Premium natural canvas from GOTS-certified organic cotton, hemp and linen. Environmentally conscious and fair trade fabrics in many bright colours and with a unique look. All these fabrics are woven in Turkey or in the EU.


Organic cotton canvas in bright colours, with an eco-friendly water repellent finish, GOTS-certified.


Strong, versatile and durable organic cotton canvas


Fabrics with a soul! Strong, sophisticated and with a unique look.


Strong, natural and with a unique look and feel

Canvas from Ecological Textiles

CANVAS FABRICS are renowned for their versatility, durability, and wide range of applications. Derived from the Latin word "cannabis," canvas originally referred to a heavy, coarse cloth made from hemp fibers. The canvas fabrics in the collection of ECOLOGAL TEXTILES are manufactured using hemp as well as organic cotton and linen. All organic cotton canvas in our collection is GOTS certified.

One of the most notable characteristics of CANVAS FABRICS is their exceptional durability. The tightly woven construction of canvas creates a robust fabric that can withstand heavy wear and tear. When wet, it is even about 20% stronger than dry. This quality makes canvas ideal for applications that require strength and longevity. Because of its versatility, reasonable cost and the fact that it stays in shape for a long time, it is not only used in apparel but also for other applications.

CANVAS FABRICS come in different weights and weaves. Lighter-weight canvas, sometimes referred to as "duck canvas," is often used in fashion and home decor projects, such as upholstery, curtains, and tote bags. Its medium-weight counterpart, sometimes referred to as "artist canvas," is popular for fashion as well as paintings and artwork.

The versatility of CANVAS FABRICS extends to their dyeing and printing capabilities. Due to their absorbent nature, CANVAS FABRICS readily accept dyes and pigments, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting colors. This quality makes them a preferred choice for artists, designers, and crafters seeking a durable fabric that can showcase their creativity.

CANVAS FABRICS have also gained popularity in the fashion industry. Their sturdiness and natural texture contribute to a rugged yet sophisticated aesthetic. Canvas is commonly used for crafting casual clothing items like jackets, pants, and shoes. Additionally, canvas bags have become a fashion statement, providing a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags.

CANVAS FABRICS from natural materials offer several advantages over other textiles. Their breathability allows for air circulation, making them comfortable to wear even in warm weather. They also possess water-resistant properties, which makes canvas fabrics suitable for jackets, trousers and also for outdoor applications, such as camping gear, backpacks, and footwear.