organic cotton canvas


Organic cotton canvas is strong, versatile, had a robust appearance, is durable, sturdy and is used in a wide range of applications. Canvas may be used in handbags, jackets, coverings, shoes, paintings, working garments, furniture, tents etc. The fabrics below are made from Aegean organic cotton, spun and woven in Western Turkey.

Bleached canvas fine GOTS organic cotton PFP

Canvas organic cotton - rabbit colour

Canvas from organic cotton and linen

Black heavy canvas organic cotton GOTS

Offwhite PFP heavy canvas organic cotton GOTS

Canvas GOTS organic cotton offwhite PFP

Natural canvas GOTS organic cotton


Water repellent canvas in navy colour

Water repellent canvas in anthracite colour

Water repellent canvas in ochre colour

Water repellent canvas in ruby colour

Natural heavy canvas organic cotton GOTS

Offwhite heavy organic cotton canvas GOTS

Bleached heavy canvas GOTS organic cotton PFP

Organic cotton canvases

  • Cotton canvas is made from slightly thicker yarns which makes the fabric thicker, heavier and strong. When it's wet, it only gets stronger (about 20%).
  • Canvas has a high resistance against sunlight and stays in shape for a long time.
  • The word canvas is derived from the Anglo-French word canevaz and the Old French canevas. Both words were probably derived from the Latin 'cannapaceus', which can be translated as 'made from hemp'.
  • All these fabrics are made from Aegean cotton that was grown and processed in West Turkey. The proximity of cotton farms and textile industry keeps the eco footprint low. The fabrics are transported to the Netherlands by truck.
  • Some of these canvases are made in a plain weave, others in a panamaweave.
  • Like all our cotton fabrics these water-repellent canvases are GOTS certified.