Ecological Textiles produces woven and knitted fabrics of organic cotton in West Turkey. This means that the fabrics are produced following our specs, in factories with which we have a long and stable working relation. This so called Aegean organic cotton is known for its high quality, long fiber length, colour and softness. Turkish cotton is guaranteed to be GMO-free because the Turkish Biosafety Law forbids GMO in the country.

To the knitted organic cotton fabrics


Fabrics with a smooth surface, pleasant to the touch and with a natural stretch. Interlock fabrics offer a great wearing comfort and are pleasant to work with because they are slightly thicker and don't curl up. Interlocks are versatile and are applied in sportswear, hoodies, homewear, high quality T-shirts, underwear, sleepwear etc. All interlock fabrics from ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES are made from organic cotton and are GOTS-certified.


The velour fabrics from ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES are made from 100% organic cotton and have a weight of 280 gr/m2, which make them suitable for clothing as well as upholstery. When used for clothing this super soft fabric is very comfortable - it could be used in e.g. casual wear, jumpers, lounge wear and also for baby clothing or toys.


Rib fabrics are very stretchy, which makes them ideal for cuffs of sleeves and borders but also for shirts, underwear etc. They are easy to recognize because they show raised and sunken vertical stripes (ribs or wales). These are more distinct in 2x2 and 4x4 ribs. Ecological Textiles offers 1x1, 2x2 and 4x4 ribs. All these rib fabrics are made with organic cotton and are GOTS certified.


Soft basic fabrics, mostly made from organic cotton and GOTS-certified. There is also a range of single jerseys made with recycled cotton. Single jerseys have a nice drape and are easy to care for. Because they are stretchy, they are perfect for making T-shirts but also tank tops, nightwear and other clothing that requires freedom of movement.


Soft, highly breathable, with good isolation properties and veeeeery comfortable. These organic cotton sweat fabrics are available in seven different qualities, in nice colours and in weights between 260 gr/m2 and 410 gr/m2. We offer both brushed and unbrushed sweat fabrics. All organic cotton sweatshirt fabrics are GOTS-certified.


... with a nice touch, highly breathable, comfortable. This section also includes our plush.

About organic cotton

Cotton is the most commonly used fiber for clothing textiles. Of course! Cotton feels comfortable, is soft on the skin, fairly strong and can absorb about twenty percent moisture of its own weight before feeling wet. Organic cotton fabrics such as the knitted qualities in the ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES collection feel cool because cotton is a good heat conductor. The heat insulating capacity is therefore low. That makes cotton an ideal material for making summer clothing. However, thicker and heavier cotton fabrics and yarns can also be used for making winter clothing. Organic cotton is skin-friendly, suitable for the sensitive skin, and easy to maintain.

One of the major objections to 'conventional' cotton is that it is sprayed with herbicides and insecticides. According to some studies, a quarter of the pesticides used worldwide end up on the cotton fields. It has been calculated that about 125 grams of agricultural poison is used to make a normal 250-gram T-shirt. The consequences for people and nature are disastrous. This applies in the first place to cotton workers.

Water use

A second objection is that cotton is a 'thirsty' plant that needs lots of water. Unfortunately, organic cotton is also increasingly being put away as an environmentally unfriendly plant for that reason. This picture is not entirely correct. Cotton is counted among the xerophites, plants that are able to limit their water needs. This can be due to the shape and structure of the leaf, but also due to a strong root system. An important part of cotton cultivation is without artificial irrigation, even in countries like India. In many areas the normal rainfall is enough to be able to grow cotton. On the other hand it is undoubtedly true that the desertification that occurred in some areas, can be traced to cotton cultivation. This is the case, for example, with the drying up of the Aral Sea. However, a major cause here is a destructive agricultural policy that has led to depletion of the earth. 

Aegean organic cotton

All the organic cotton fabrics in the collection of ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES are made in Turkey. The Turkish cotton is of excellent quality (long fibers, strong and soft) and the country has a fairly big cotton industry. Farming and processing take place in the same region. Transport to our ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES warehouse is possible by truck.
Cotton is grown in various regions in Turkey. ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES only uses so-called Aegean organic cotton, which is grown and processed in the region south-east of Izmir. We have built up a good working relationship with weaving and knitting companies here since 2005. The factories we work with are all GOTS certified.


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