velour FROM organic cotton

VELOUR - 100% organic cotton, smooth, ultrasoft and velvet-like

This velour, also called nicky velour, is made from a knitted fabric of plated loops. In a later stage these loops are cut and sheared which gives the fabric a smooth and very soft, velvet-like surface. Velour is mostly used for leisure wear (sweaters), children’s wear and toys.

Samples nicki velours single colours

Black nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

Blue nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

Dark grey nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

Green nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

Light blue nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

Mauve nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

Natural nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

Offwhite nicki velours uni GOTS organic cotton

The velour from Ecological Textiles

Velour is often compared to velvet, but despite the similarities, velour is a completely different fabric. Whereas velvet was traditionally woven from silk, nowadays most velvet fabrics are knitted from synthetic materials. The velours from ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES are made of organic cotton.

The organic cotton velour by ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES is stretchy, particularly soft, warm, comfortable and has a luxurious look, as the upper side of the fabric has a beautiful lustre.

  • Warm and comfortable
  • Very soft
  • Versatile
  • Luxurious feel

Velour more or less came into being because velvet was unaffordable. Not only because it was originally made from the expensive silk, but also because its production was a particularly time-consuming process. The technique of velvet weaving was developed in Asia and came to Europe in the fifteenth century where it flourished especially in Italy, and later also in other European countries, especially France. In Germany, Krefeld is still called the city of velvet and silk (Samt und Seide).
However, both because of the material used and the difficult production process, velvet always remained an expensive and very exclusive fabric. Producers therefore looked for less expensive methods in an attempt to develop fabrics that would approach the softness and structure of velvet as closely as possible. It was not until the 20th century that a way was found to do this with cotton, which was no longer woven but knitted.

This is how velour as we know it today became a velvet-like knitted fabric, the loops of which are loosened and shaved. The soft sheen and long loops give these fabrics a special appearance.

The velour fabrics from ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES have a weight of 280 gr/m2, which make them suitable for clothing as well as upholstery. When used for clothing this super soft fabric is very comfortable - it could be used in e.g. casual wear, jumpers, lounge wear and also for baby clothing or toys.

The fabrics are all made of organic cotton and they are GOTS certified. This certification is your best guarantee for environmentally friendly production and care for good working conditions and social rights at the workplace.
All our velour fabrics are produced from Turkish organic cotton grown in the Aegean districts (Aegean organic cotton). The processing (spinning, knitting, dyeing) takes place in GOTS-certified companies in the direct vicinity of the growing areas. Transport to our warehouse in the Netherlands takes place by truck. Cutting and packing is done in our own GOTS-certified company.


A sample of a velour fabric is included in our sample box with knitted organic cotton fabrics. We also offer a set containing all the colours of the velour.


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