organic cotton voile


Lightweight and semi-transparant voiles, made from high quality Aegean organic cotton. Elegant fabrics, offering a high wearing comfort and with a beautiful and elegant pleat.

Samples of organic cotton voile

Offwhite voile GOTS organic cotton

Offwhite voile light GOTS organic cotton, 155 cm width, PFP

Voile of organic cotton natural colour

Black voile GOTS organic cotton

Organic cotton voiles from Ecological Textiles

is a light and semi-transparent woven fabric. The French name refers to veils, the application that was most commonly used for these fabrics in the past. ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES' voiles are made of organic cotton or wool.

Lightness, transparency, delicacy and refinement are the main characteristics of the VOILE. Technical features are that they are made in a simple plain weave and the yarns are twisted. In the ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES collection, both the warp and weft yarns are twisted. This is referred to as 'full voile', the best quality.

VOILES are versatile fabrics and are used for a wide range of applications. Light scarves are of course one of them, but VOILES are also used for making lingerie, light summer clothing, bridal wear, curtains and often as lining material. Please note that because of their structure and because they are made of stronger twisted yarns, VOILES wrinkle more easily. Also, because they are so fine and delicate, VOILES are not the easiest fabrics to process. On the other hand, for the same reasons, they also have a beautiful and elegant pleat.

Many VOILES nowadays are made of synthetic fibres, but in the ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES collection you will only find voiles made of natural materials, organic cotton and wool. It is generally recognised that VOILES made of natural materials have better moisture absorption and breathability.

The VOILES from ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES are all made of organic cotton, from fine yarns (number Nm 50/1) and weights of 65 or 75 gr/m2. All organic cotton VOILES in the collection are GOTS-certified. This certification is your best guarantee that the cotton was really grown organically, production was environmentally friendly and that good care was taken for safe working conditions and social rights at the workplace.

All our VOILES are produced from Turkish organic cotton grown in the Aegean districts (Aegean organic cotton). The processing (spinning, knitting, dyeing) takes place in GOTS-certified companies in the direct vicinity of the growing areas. Transport to our warehouse in the Netherlands takes place by truck. The cutting and packaging is done in our own company, which is also GOTS-certified.



Samples of the different fabrics can be ordered seperately or in a set. We have prepared a set with ORGANIC COTTON VOILES. These can be viewed and ordered at our Sample Service.