Crêpe fabrics possess a unique texture and are highly cherished in the fashion industry for their elegant appearance and versatile applications. The term "crêpe" refers to a specific weaving technique that results in a finely crinkled, wrinkled, or puckered texture. This technique is employed in the production of various types of fabrics, including silk, wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers. This page on the website only shows GOTS certified organic cotton crepe.

Fine organic cotton crepe

Fog green organic cotton crepe GOTS

Grey-blue organic cotton crepe GOTS

Yellow organic cotton crepe GOTS

ET_TKW058 - 100% organic cotton - 185 gr/m2 - width: 150 cm - GOTS certified

Organic cotton crepe GOTS

Beige organic cotton crepe GOTS

Organic cotton crepe fabrics from Ecological Textiles

The crêpe weaving technique involves the use of highly twisted yarns, which are then woven using a special loom. The tightly twisted yarns provide natural elasticity and give the fabric its characteristic crinkled texture. The loom is adjusted to a higher tension than usual, causing the fabric to contract and shrink during weaving. This results in the distinctive "crêpe effect" of the fabric.

Crêpe fabrics find numerous applications in the fashion industry. Due to their elegant texture and drape, they are often used for evening gowns, cocktail dresses, formal attire, and bridal wear. They can be employed to create flowing silhouettes, pleats, and ruffles, imparting a romantic and feminine appeal.

One of the most well-known variants of crêpe fabric is crêpe de Chine, made from silk. It possesses a delicate sheen and a silky appearance, making it perfect for luxurious garments. Crêpe de Chine is commonly used for blouses, skirts, scarves, and lightweight dresses. However, the crêpe fabrics shown on this page are all made from organic cotton and are GOTS certified.

Crêpe fabrics are also popular in the production of professional workwear. The fabric's crinkled texture makes it well-suited for garments that undergo frequent wear and require low maintenance. The crinkled pattern conceals wrinkles and folds that may occur from daily use, ensuring the clothing always looks polished.

In addition to clothing, crêpe fabrics are used in accessories such as scarves, ties, and headscarves. The texture adds interest and dimension to these items while maintaining a lightweight and airy feel.

Crêpe fabrics continue to captivate designers and consumers alike with their distinctive texture and wide-ranging applications in the fashion industry. Whether it's creating graceful eveningwear or durable work attire, crêpe fabrics offer a touch of elegance and sophistication to any wardrobe.

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