Wool fleece/fibre fleece

SaGB_549 341 00
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  • Description

Four samples of wool fleece for filling and insulation

A set of four samples, one for each available quality. These qualities are related to the weight per square meter, i.e. 90, 120, 150 and 180 gr/m2).

The different weights of this fleece

90 gr/m2

120 gr/m2

150 gr/m2

180 gr/m2

Article specifications

PRODUCT NAME: GB_549 341 00
COMPOSITION: 85% new wool/15% PLA
WIDTH: 150 cm.
DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: limited when non-quilted*

* This is normal for all non-quilted wool nonwoven. Due to the production process nonwovens show fibre orientation. In order to avoid visual and functional limitations, keep in mind that during the cutting process elasticity and shrink characteristics may vary