Wool fleece 90 grams

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GB_549 341 00 090
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Wool fleece 90 grams for filling and insulation

The fibres of this wool fleece (weight: 90 gr/m2) are from Europe. About 15% of polylactide (PLA, made form maize stems and starch) was added to achieve an ultra soft and lightweight touch.
This versatile fleece can be used to stuff your garments for insulation, for bedding and numerous other applications. Step it between two fabrics, a thicker one on the outside and a thinner one on the inside. The stepping can be done in patterns. Laser welding in intricate patterns is possible as well; we can support you with this. Oekotex100 certified.

Order samples

A sample of this wool nonwoven is included in our sample set of wool fleece. This set can be viewed and ordered here:

Product specifications

PRODUCT NAME: GB_549 341 00 090
COMPOSITION: 85% new wool/15% PLA
WIDTH: 150 cm.
DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: limited when non-quilted*

* This is normal for all non-quilted wool nonwoven. Due to the production process nonwovens show fibre orientation. In order to avoid visual and functional limitations, keep in mind that during the cutting process elasticity and shrink characteristics may vary

The different weights of this fleece

90 gr/m2




Additional Information

A highly functional wool filling made from renewable raw materials. This non woven is made from wool that was sourced in Europe and PLA, a corn based synthetic fibre. Highly breathable, water-repellent, washable, durable and 100% biodegradable. This non woven is available in different weight categories and is suitable for use in coats, puffer jackets, luxurious dressing gowns, home textiles and bedding, sportswear etc.

Long lasting and versatile

This non woven insulation product contains an average of 85% wool fibers, which results in a very functional wadding. The added PLA (made from corn) connects the wool fibres on countless spots and creates a long-lasting, robust but soft and comfortable fiberfill for all kinds of textiles and bedding products. The high percentage of virgin wool ensures a high performance level in the areas of insulation, temperature regulation, moisture management and odour resistance.

The thermal bonding of the wool fibers makes this product a strong and long lasting filling for different kinds of fashion and outdoor garments. It can be used in active apparel, sleeping bags, puffy winter jackets, parkas.


Wool can absorb and release up to 30-36% of its dry weight without feeling damp or clammy. This makes this non-woven highly breathable, quick drying and it keeps the user warm. This high moisture absorbing capacity is thirty times as much as polyester. Wool absorbs moisture from the atmosphere of greater humidity and releases it to the drier environment. This makes wool a perfect temperature regulator that keeps us warm in the cold and provides a cooling effect when it's warm.

At the same time wool is naturally water and dirt repellent. It provides us with an unmatched wearing comfort.

The wool

This  wool from which this material is made, comes exclusively from European sheep, that graze in Norway, Sweden, the Swiss and Austrian Alps. The wool is animal friendly and mulesing free. The sheep are always kept in such a way that their body functions and behavior are not disturbed, lodgings and enclosures are provided with suitable feeding and drinking, areas of rest and retreat. Washing the wool is done in several factories in Europe, the non woven is produced in Germany.

Composition: 85/15% wool/PLA
Weight: 90 g/m2
Colour: offwhite