Medium twill melange in deep brown colour

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ET_GW022_M791 deep brown
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Twill melange from new wool in deep brown colour

Ultrasoft, warm fabric made from 100% new wool.
This pure wool fabric has been brushed on both sides, which gives it a luxurious touch and feel. It is perfect for making plaids among other things. The typical steep diagonal lines of the twill weave are very visible in the fabric. The deep brown (almost charcoal) melange effect was obtained by fibre-dyeing. Woven from conventional wool and fibre-dyed in Europe in full compliance with the Öko Tex and European REACH-standards. Available in a range of six grey and beige hues.

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A set containing all available colours of this fabric can be ordered here

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Fabric specifications

PRODUCT NAME: ET_GW022_M791 deep brown
COMPOSITION: 100% new wool
WIDTH: ±150 cm.

Additional info

Wool is a 'breathing' fibre that will never give you the feeling of being locked up. It has good isolating properties, and is very performing when it comes to regulating the body temperature. Wool can absorb up to one third of its own weight of moisture before it starts to feel wet. By absorbing moisture, wool reduces the amount of sweat on the body, thus also reducing the possibility of body odours.
People are not allergic to wool but it is true that wool, due to its structure, may itch. This depends on the fineness of the fibre.

Origin of the material
This wool comes from several countries: South Africa, South America, Australia, and European countries. It was spun, woven, dyed deep brown and finished in Europe. Please note that the big wool producing countries all have a set of animal welfare laws which wool growers are bound to uphold.

Wool is a natural fibre and 100% biodegradable, can be cleaned less frequently and on lower temperatures thus saving energy and water. In addition wool garments often have longer lifespans, wool doesn't contribute to microplastic pollution of the air and surface water, and doesn't have to be ironed.

Order samples

A set containing all available colours of this fabric can be ordered here

Composition: 100% wool
Weight: 205 g/m2
Colour: deep brown
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