woven hemp for fashion applications

Hemp yarns and fabrics are very suitable for apparel. The fibre has specific properties which distinguish it sharply from most other materials and make it unique.Hemp doesn’t enclose much air and has relatively poor insulation properties. In this it resembles linen: hemp fabrics feel fresh and cool, a distinct advantage for summer clothing. In addition hemp is highly absorbent. It takes up water rapidly and also releases it quickly. On hot days this helps in regulating the microclimate between body and clothing. Hemp is well supported when worn directly on the skin even though it is stiffer, harder and less elastic than cotton and is therefore less supple. These properties also cause the crinkling of the material, when used in woven and 100% hemp fabrics, although this property may also be considered as part of its ‘natural charm’.

Hemp denim

Poplin made of hemp and Tencel stretch

Poplin made of hemp and Tencel

Hemp recycle chambray fabric

Striped poplin organic cotton and hemp

Black hemp denim

Blue hemp denim

Natural hemp denim

Burgundy hemp linen weave

Slate blue hemp linen weave

Forest green hemp linen weave

Indigo hemp linen weave

Fine hemp in natural colour

Ballad blue hemp linen weave

Black hemp linen weave

Brown hemp linen weave

Charcoal hemp linen weave

Eggplant hemp linen weave

Orange hemp linen weave

Ivory PFP hemp linen weave

Sage hemp linen weave

Shiny yellow silk blend

White fabric PFP with organic cotton, silk and hemp

Shiny black silk blend

Shiny navy silk blend