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Luxurious blend of organic cotton, silk and hemp

Elegant fabric with a luxurious appearance for blouses, shirts, dresses etc.
Superfine herringbone and satin weave. This blend of organic cotton and silk, with seven percent of hemp has a nice lustre and is a great fabric for blouses or dresses. It combines the breathability and softness of hemp and organic cotton with the natural elegance of silk. A beautiful blend with a cross-seasonal appeal, a perfect choice for garments.

  • high quality
  • strong and elegant
  • innovative blend of 100% natural fibers

Fabric specifications

PRODUCT NAME: ET_H050 yellow
COMPOSITION: 60/33/7% organic cotton/silk/hemp
WIDTH: 142 cm
WEIGHT: 70 gr/m2



Wearing comfort
Organic cotton is soft, quite elastic, has good water absorbing properties and is very comfortable to the skin. Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or insecticides and is very skin-friendly. Silk is soft and smooth and gives this fabric a nice luster and luxurious appearance. Hemp has good anti-bacterial and UV-resistant properties and always feels cool.

Origin of the material
The hemp was grown in North-China and processed there. The silk is Chinese as well, the organic cotton was grown in India.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or insecticides and without GMO. Organic agriculture takes care of the environment and truly represents the future. Hemp is a relatively easy to grow plant, which has hardly any natural enemies and does not need much water. The plant is therefore cultivated almost everywhere without using herbicides or insecticides.
Organic cotton and hemp have been blended with silk in a high quality fabric that is both soft and luxurious and it will give you and your customers peace of mind when it comes to its environmental footprint.

Composition: 60/33/7% organic cotton/silk/hemp
Weight: 70 gr/m2
Colour: yellow
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