poplin fabrics at ecological textiles

organic cotton Poplins of ecological textiles, some characteristics

Poplins are amongst the most popular fabrics. They are smooth, lightweight, durable and not very expensive. Today most poplins are made from 100% cotton, but other materials can be used as well. Poplins are used in fashion as well as for upholstery, quilting etc.

What is poplin fabric?

Poplin is woven in a plain weave, a structure in which the yarns cross each other as in a simple braid: one top, one botton, one top etc. Poplins are usually made from cotton, but other types of materials are also possible.

Characteristic of the poplin is that the fabric is smooth and even and the both sides are the same. Another characteristic is that the number of yarns in the warp (the length of the fabric) is higher than the number of weft yarns.

Poplins are slightly heavier than a batiste or voile but they still belong to the lighter qualities, supple, with a nice drape and perfect for summer clothing. Poplins may be light but they are also strong and durable and they stay in shape fairly well.

Organic cotton poplins from Ecological Textiles are all GOTS certified.

Characteristics of the poplin

  • Poplin fabrics are smooth, even and soft to touch
  • It is light AND strong. A versatile fabric that is perfect for summer.
  • Poplin is inexpensive
  • Poplin has a nice natural lustre
  • It feels good on the skin
  • Poplin fabrics don't wrinkle easy
  • Poplin has good dirt repelling properties, meaning that it doesn't stain easy

The poplins of Ecological Textiles

The poplins in our collection are between 125-145 gr/m2 in weight. Each fabric has a unique feel, due to differences in the fineness of the yarns and different densities in both the warp and weft.

Mercerising the fabric (e.g. in article no. ET_TKW006_5) gives the fabric some more lustre, another feel, makes it stronger and a little crispy. In addition, mercerised fabrics have a higher dirt-repellent effect.


Ordering separate samples of each fabric is possible, but you may want to have an overview of all colours and qualities of our poplins. That's why we prepared sample sets.