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The picture shows long curtains, made from organic wool and dyed with madder. This is one of the fabrics in our Tinctorial Textiles series.

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Ecological Textiles offers a wide collection with natural materials, ranging from raw fibres to the finest fabrics. The collection includes fabrics, yarns, non-wovens and tapes made of organic cotton, wool, hemp, linen and tencel. We can also provide you with natural dyes.


Reproducibility and trusted quality is our top priority. Therefore we work from a fixed but constantly expanding collection and maintain long-term relations with our partners.


We are a GOTS-certified company and offer a wide range of certified fabrics. Even when you're only looking for smaller sampling quantities, these can be offered with a certification.


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Create an account and log in to see prices. The fabrics and other items are categorised according to their composition and construction. Via the 'Fabrics' menu button, you can also go directly to the type of fabric you have in mind.
Order samples or sample sets

If you want to view and feel the fabric first, you can order samples. You can also order sample sets. The fabric samples measure approximately 10x15 cm. We have a special SAMPLE SERVICE where you can view all sample sets, organised according material groups.
Make an order. This is already possible from one meter.

Once you have made your choice, you can order. We work with graduated prices; less than 5 meter, between 5 and 100 meter and more than 100 meter. It is already possible to order from one meter. We will make sure your order is sent correctly.


Almost all fabrics and other items are available from stock, ensuring the smooth processing of orders. All orders are measured, packed and shipped in our own warehouse, giving us a good idea of each shipment.

We maintain close contact with designers as well as the industry, keep track with new technologies and developments and strive to include innovations in our collection. Some examples are eco-friendly water repellent finishes and technology to make wool machine washable.

Our founder Marita Bartelet had a career as a product developer and consultant in the textile industry when she started Ecological Textiles in 2005. The focus then was already on cleanly produced natural materials. Since 2013, the company has been GOTS-certified.

Organic linen/organic wool fabric

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Ecological Textiles is a GOTS-certified company. Read more here.

Yarns and fabric from indiginous wool

Tinctorial Textiles: natural dyes

Local production of wool. The picture shows Campine Heath sheep, herded together shortly before they will be sheared.
A long curtain, made from organic wool, dyed with natural indigo and re-dyed with weld. This fabric is part of our Tinctorial Textiles series of vegetably dyed organic wool.

View the fabrics, yarns and nonwovens we produced from 'Campine Wool'. A local production, resulting in high quality textiles.


Semi-transparent fabrics made of organic wool, plant-dyed with the 'classic' dyes: natural indigo, madder and weld.


about ecological textiles

Since 2005 Ecological Textiles offers a wide range in fabrics, fibres, yarns and dyes that are manufactured and processed in a sustainable way. In our view ‘sustainable’ means above all that it has been made of natural fibers, where possible from organic farming. So if you’re looking for fabrics, yarns or raw fibres that are made from organic cotton, wool, hemp, linen or silk, you’re at the right spot.

Our main focus is on fabrics for the fashion industry, but this site also presents fabrics that are suitable for interior design, curtains and bags. Our naturally dyed woolen fabrics are used by fashion and interior designers. The hemp and organic cotton blends are applied in shirts and trousers and you can find the heavier hemp fabrics in bags or curtains, even in sails and tents.

All our cottons fabrics (woven and knitted) are produced in Turkey, conform our specs, in factories with which we have developed a close working relation. For us (based in the Netherlands) Turkey is not only the nearest cotton producing country (thus reducing the footprint of transport), it is also a country where GMO is forbidden and where the cotton is of excellent quality.

Ecological Textiles is a GOTS-certified company. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is a certification that stands for ecologically sustainable production and social responsibility. The standard is your best assurance that the raw materials from which fabrics or yarns were made, really are organic and that strict rules concerning eco friendly production have been followed along the whole production chain. An article can only be certified when the GOTS standard was followed in all previous steps in the production chain. Because Ecological Textiles is a GOTS certified company, this gives you the possibility of making GOTS certified garments, provided of course that your company is certified as well.

Even though we applaud the GOTS standard and are certified company, not all the natural materials that are offered on this website are produced conform the GOTS standard. This is mostly because some fabrics or yarns are almost impossible to obtain in an organic quality (for instance hemp). Sometimes a specific article that we like is not certified as organic. In these cases we choose for the inherent and sometimes unique properties of the fiber or the quality of the material. Every fabric and every yarn on this site has its own story.