Superfine fine dots GOTS organic cotton poplin

Superfine red organic cotton poplin with white dots

Superfine poplin organic cotton, polkadots black and white

Fine natural waxed poplin

Poplins from Ecological Textiles

The poplins in our collection are between 125-145 gr/m2 in weight. Each fabric has a unique feel, due to differences in the fineness of the yarns and different densities in both the warp and weft. Some fabrics are mercerised, which gives them some more lustre, another (somewhat crispy) feel and a higher dirt-repellent effect.

Some characteristics

  • Poplins are smooth, even and soft to touch
  • These fabrics are light AND strong
  • Poplins are not very expensive
  • They have a nice natural lustre
  • Poplins don't wrinkle easy
  • Poplins have good dirt-repelling properties

Poplins are believed to be developed in the French town Avignon during the 15th century. According to one 18th century source the original name of the fabric was 'papelaine', a reference to the popes who resided in Avignon some decades in the 14th century. 


It is possible to order separate samples of each fabric, but we also prepared sample sets that give an overview of all colours and qualities. These sample sets can be ordered here: