Looking for fabrics, yarn and other textiles made from hemp? Then check out Ecological Textiles' B2B shop. We are a GOTS-certified wholesaler and work exclusively with high-quality natural textiles, apart from hemp also linen, organic cotton and wool.

Ecological Textiles: Hemp denims

Ecological Textiles and hemp

Since 2005, Ecological Textiles has offered a wide range of textiles made from hemp, both raw fibres and nonwovens, yarn and fabrics. We develop the fabrics together with weaving mills in Europe and Turkey. In doing so, reproducibility and reliable high quality is our top priority. This also means that the fabrics and other materials always remain in our collection for a long time.

Hemp can be made into high-quality textiles with specific properties. It is a fibre that naturally has a low heat-insulating effect and is therefore particularly suitable for making summer clothing, for example. But it is also a particularly strong vegetable fibre, which can be used for workwear, jeans fabrics, and furniture upholstery, for example. Both clothing and interiors incorporating hemp have a unique look and feel.

Ecological Textiles' hemp fabrics and materials

In total world fibre production, hemp occupies a very modest place. About 2 per cent of new fibre production involves hemp. Hemp for textiles is therefore a rather scarce raw material. Ecological Textiles not only offers fabrics made of 100 per cent hemp, but also blends with cotton. Blending with cotton increases the possibilities of using more hemp in textiles, introduces more people to this great material and reduces the price somewhat.

Ecological Textiles' hemp fabrics and materials

Ecological Textiles: Raw fibres and nonwovens from hemp

Raw fibre and nonwoven from hemp

Ecological Textiles offers raw hemp fibres and nonwoven from hemp. The raw fibres are of Dutch origin. The nonwovens come in two weights and thicknesses, including a GOTS-certified quality.  

Ecological Textiles: Jerseys from hemp

Knitted fabrics (jerseys) made of hemp

For knitted fabrics made of 100 per cent hemp or a blend of hemp and organic cotton, there are several options. These include knitted hemp fabrics made from 100 per cent European hemp.

Ecological Textiles: Woven fabrics from hemp

Woven fabrics from hemp

Hemp is perfect for beautiful fabrics. Look at Ecological Textiles for woven hemp fabrics of varying weights, suitable for a variety of applications. Fabrics made from one hundred per cent European hemp, canvas made from hemp, chambray made from hemp, furniture and curtain fabrics made from hemp.


Ecological Textiles: Hemp webbing and yarn

Hemp webbing and yarn

Ecological Textiles also offers hemp yarn and tape of various widths and bindings. Check out the possibilities here.


Why hemp? Here's why:

First and foremost, of course, hemp is a material that can be used in many different ways. It is a natural fibre that is 100 per cent biodegradable. On top of that, hemp is a plant that is suitable for cultivation in Western Europe and does well on different types of soil, not only on wet clay soils but also on drier sandy soils. Hemp varieties suitable for cultivation in our climate zone grow up to four metres high within three to four months. Because hemp grows so fast, weeds hardly get a chance, which has the advantage for growers that the weeds do not have to be controlled, if they wanted to at all. Also, the plant hardly has any natural enemies in the form of insects, for instance. The plant is therefore grown 'organically' almost everywhere, even though there is hardly any certified organic hemp on the market.

Hemp cultivation offers more advantages; the plant is a champion in CO2 storage, for example. So there are all sorts of reasons to promote hemp cultivation in Europe. Ecological Textiles is based in the Netherlands. Here we are involved in initiatives by Fibershed Nederland and MVO Nederland, which also strive for this. We also support the EIHA (European Industrial Hemp Association) and several research projects.

Some advantages of hemp at a glance:

  • Hemp is suitable for European cultivation
  • Hemp can be used for 'phytoremediation', where plants remediate contaminated soil
  • Hemp is suitable for making a variety of textiles, both for fashion and interiors
  • Hemp is pleasant to the touch and can be worn directly on the skin
  • Hemp is a perfect summer material. It is naturally cool to the touch
  • Hemp is a breathable fibre: body heat and perspiration are easily transferred to the environment
  • Hemp has good anti-bacterial properties, which means, among other things, that it stays fresh for a long time
  • Hemp is one of the strongest plant fibres available
  • Hemp contains no microplastics
  • Hemp is a champion in CO2 sequestration
  • Hemp can be a good European alternative to cotton, for example, for certain applications
  • Hemp grows so fast that weeds have no chance to develop, making pesticides unnecessary
  • Hemp is not a very demanding plant with respect to water, for example
  • Hemp has hardly any natural enemies and is grown everywhere 'quasi-organically' without the use of 'plant protection products'

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