Single jersey of organic GOTS wool, natural colour

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Single jersey from organic wool

Fine wool jersey, produced in the EU from South American merino wool.

The wool comes from organic sheep farming, in this case in Uruguay, South America. Organic sheep farming means, among other things, that extra attention has been paid to animal welfare. The wool is guaranteed to be mulesing-free. Mulesing does not occur in South America and is prohibited in organic animal husbandry anyway.The fabric itself is entirely produced within the EU. Spinning was done in Poland, knitting in the Netherlands and fabric finishing in Belgium. The yarn is GOTS certified, circular-knitted and the jersey comes in a tube form (width 67,5 cm).

Merino wool is the softest and finest wool available. The wool used in this single jersey has a fineness of only 19 microns, making the fabric suitable to be worn directly on the skin, for example in nightwear or underwear.The wool is made machine-washable using the sustainable plasma technology ('superwash'), which is also allowed within the GOTS certification.

Fabric specifications

PRODUCT NAME: ET_NK006_natural
COMPOSITION: 100% organic wool
WIDTH: 135 cm.
WEIGHT IN GR/m2: 150
SHRINKAGE: max. 5% in width and length

care instructions

Machine washable wool

By nature, a wool fibre is not smooth but has a scaly surface. These scales can hook together under high friction and rapid temperature changes, causing the wool to shrink and felt. This happens particularly easily in the washing machine. To make wool machine washable, several processes have been devised, all of which boil down to making the fibres smooth, a process called 'descaling'.

This jersey is made machine washable using the so-called plasma technique, also known as Superwash. In this process, the wool fibre is made smooth by a mixture of electrons, ions and free radicals. Superwash is a clean technique allowed within the GOTS certification.

Note that the most common process used to make wool machine washable, known as Hercosett, has serious environmental problems. To make the fibres smooth, this involves first exposing them to a bleaching solution (sodium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite) that breaks down the outer layer of the fibre to some extent. In a subsequent treatment, the special Hercosett-125 polymer is placed around it, which is perhaps best compared to a thin layer that reseals the fibre. Finally, a softening agent goes over it.

Wool made machine washable using the Hercosett process is not eligible for organic certification because of the use of highly polluting and potentially dangerous chemicals such as AOX that can end up in surface water. The high water consumption is also a point of criticism.

Composition: 100% organic wool
Weight: 150 gr/m2
Colour: Natural