White hemp yarn Nm 12/1

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ET_BY016 white
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White hemp yarn, Nm 12/1

White hemp yarn Nm 12/1

This smooth single ply hemp yarn is spun from long fibers which makes this yarn suitable for weaving and knitting medium weight fabrics. The fibers are sourced in China, eco-friendly oxygen bleaching and spinning was done in Europe.

  • 100% hemp
  • easy to dye
  • long and strong fibers

Order samples

A card with samples of European hemp yarns can be viewed and obtained here:


COMPOSITION: 100% hemp
Nm: 12/1
Ne: 7/1

Origin of the material
The fibers from which this white hemp yarn was spun are sourced in China. Spinning and eco-friendly ozon bleaching was done in Europe.

Hemp is a relatively easy to grow plant, which has hardly any natural enemies and does not need much water. The plant is therefore cultivated almost everywhere in the world without using herbicides or insecticides. The Asiatic hemp varieties are smaller than the European but also grow very fast, so that weeds do not get the chance tot develop.
Composition: 100% hemp
Colour: white