Heavy duffel wool fabric choco melange colour

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Heavy duffel from 100% organic wool in choco melange colour

Twill in choco melange colours, with a felt-like surface structure and a firm, warm touch and feel. This fabric is suitable for e.g. duffle coats and other wool coats. Although this fabric is lightly fulled and wool has a natural water repellency, for raincoats we recommend a special finish.

The origin of this wool is either South-America (Uruguay or Argentina) or Europe. The wool is spun, woven and finished in Europe. Melange colours are always fibre-dyed which allows the dye to penetrate deep into the fibre. Therefore, light and water fastness of this fabric are very good; the Martindale test results are 40.000 T/m.

The wool is guaranteed mulesing free.

Order samples

A sample of this fabric is included in our sample set of heavy duffel melange

Fabric specifications

COMPOSITION: 100% wool
WIDTH: 150 cm.
WEIGHT IN GR/m2: 465

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What is duffel fabric?

Duffel fabric is a relatively heavy cloth that is traditionally woven in a so-called X twill weave from pure wool. Further processing (dyeing, spinning, weaving and finishing) took place in Europe.

This duffel or duffle from ECOLOGICAL TEXTILES is produced in melange colours. The raw wool is dyed in several colours (fibre dyeing) and then the colours are mixed according to predetermined proportions. Only then are they spun and woven. This process not only produces an attractive melange effect but (because the dye can penetrate deep into the fibre) also a high level of colour and wash fastness.
We also offer the piece dyed duffel fabric ET_GW002, basically the same fabric but in uni colours.

After weaving, the fabric is lightly felted, which makes it more compact and heavier, and also contributes to water and dirt resistance.

This form of fabric production has existed since the late Middle Ages in present-day Belgium and beyond. In the Dutch language these wool fabrics were called 'laken'. Duffel fabric is a name that refers directly to the Belgian town of Duffel, where the weaving industry flourished in the 15th century, as it did in many other towns in the 'Southern Netherlands'. It was customary in those days for a fabric to be given the name of the town where it was produced; to make its origin and authenticity clear to purchasers, the fabrics were generally given a lead label bearing the town's coat of arms.

It is not entirely clear how the classic duffel cloth differed from other woollen 'lakens' produced in this period and in this region. It is, however, certain that the article was already being traded over large distances at that time.

Today, duffel fabric is best known today for the jackets made from it, the so-called duffel coats. Its natural resistance to water and dirt makes it an excellent material for this purpose, as well as for making bags, for instance.

In the Flemish language, there is also the verb 'induffelen' which is derived from this fabric and means something like 'to dress warmly'.

Order samples

A sample of this fabric is included in our sample set of heavy duffel
Composition: 100% pure new wool
Weight: 465 gr/m2
Width: 150 cm
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