Natural herringbone weave tape 50 mm

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Hemp narrow weave natural colour 50 mm width

Hemp webbing in natural colour 50 mm width

An amazingly strong and versatile hemp tape with a width of 50 mm. Woven in a herringbone weave it is both strong and flexible. Produced with 100% undyed European hemp, it is completely natural and biodegradable. It is about 2 mm thick. Suitable as a strap or to strengthen fabrics in many situations it is also a perfect natural solution for interior and semi-industrial applications like the seating of a chair or couch. Due to its herringbone weave it is still flexible.

The hemp was grown in Europe and also processed and finished there. Keep in mind that the natural colour is only created by the interplay of sun, rain and earth during the retting process of the hemp and that small differences between lots may occur. 
Highly recommendable to incorporate in your sustainable product range. One roll contains 50 mtr.

Order samples

A sample of this article is included in a set with three hemp tapes (12, 25 and 50 mm width) in a herringbone weave and in the natural colour. This can be viewed and ordered here:

Product specifications

COMPOSITION: 100% hemp
WIDTH: 50 mm.
WEIGHT: 58 gr/m

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Why hemp?
Hemp is considered to be one of the most sustainable textiles known. The plant doesn't require irrigation during growth, has almost no natural enemies (insects) and therefore needs no treatment with pesticides. Because it grows very fast (up to four meters in just a couple of months) weeds don't stand a chance, don't hamper the growth of the hemp plant and herbicides are not necessary. Hemp is a natural product: it is 100% biodegradable, very strong and has a nice touch and feel.

  • 100% biodegradable
  • no irrigation needed
  • no chemical treatment
  • eco friendly finish
Composition: 100% hemp
Colour: natural