Blue single Jersey Tencel and cotton

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Single jersey of tencel and postconsumer cotton

The philosophy behind this fabric is simple: Re-use what can be re-used. The fabric shown is made from 50% tencel and 50% post consumer waste cotton. The post consumer cotton was obtained from used jeans that have been shredded and mixed with virgin tencel. Thus a new and innovative yarn was obtained that could be knitted into this fine and soft single jersey. The fabric is excellent for tops, summer dresses and scarfs.

  • Innovative blend
  • For tops, summer dresses etc.
  • Made with consumer waste cotton

Fabric Specifications

COMPOSITION: 50/50% tencel/post consumer cotton waste
WIDTH: 170 cm.
WEIGHT IN GR/m2: 330

Composition: 50/50% Tencel/ Post consumer cotton waste
Weight: 330 g/m2
Colour: denim
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