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ET_TKS003_9 indigo
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Blue double fleece from organic cotton

This sturdy organic cotton fleece fabric has a soft touch and feel and is easy to handle in production. It is mechanicaly brushed on both sides to create it's isolating properties. For all fleece lovers who like to keep warm this is a durable alternative for more common fleece fabric made of polyesters fibres. Very suitable for vegan and outdoor wear.
This fabric is very suitable for a wide range of applications, for fashion as well as interior products, like for example blankets. Due to it's isolating properties in comparison with it's weight it is highly suitable for outdoor and leisure wear, like vests hats and neckwarmers.

The organic cotton fibres are grown in Turkey, spun, knitted and dyed in Turkey with environmental friendly GOTS certified reactive dyes.

  • firm and soft natural
  • GOTS certified product
  • isolating properties
  • vegan

Order samples

A sample of this fabric  is included in our sample set of organic cotton sweat fabrics. This can be ordered here:

Fabric specifications

PRODUCT NAME: ET_TKS003_9 indigo
COMPOSITION: 100% organic cotton
WIDTH: 155 cm.
WEIGHT IN GR/m2: 280
SHRINKAGE: width en length max. ±7%

About fleece

Fleece is a fabric that, due to its good insulating properties, is also called "polar fleece" or "polar wool". It is a knitted fabric made from bulky and airy spun yarns that is pre-washed after knitting and then shrinks considerably. The cloth is then brushed on two sides. The volume of the fabric increases due to the two-sided brushing, which also greatly increases the insulating effect. The two-sided brushing distinguishes the fabric from the equally knitted sweat fabrics that are only brushed on one side.
The name fleece actually comes from the synthetic fiber industry, and is originally a fabric made entirely of polyester. However, the environmental impact of this plastic fleece is big because of the microplastics that are released when it is washed and end up in the surface water. Polyester is nowadays considered as one of the main causes of the plastic soup.
Our natural fleece is produced in a similar way to the synthetic, but of course without polyester that has been replaced by 100% organic cotton. This organic fleece is completely biodegradable.

Order samples

A sample of this fabric (the quality, net necessarily the colour) is included in our sample set of organic cotton sweat fabrics. This can be ordered here:

Composition: 100% organic cotton
Weight: 300 gr/m2
Colour: blue