Fine knitted terry from organic cotton

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ET_TKS004_4 natural
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Fine knitted terry from organic cotton in natural colour

Terry from organic cotton for making baby wear etc.
A fine knitted terry made with 100% GOTS certified Aegean organic cotton  With a medium weight of 290 gr/m2 and the small loops that characterise the terry it is very suitable to use in a multilayered product. Unbleached, undyed and very soft on the skin. Being highly absorbent and having a natural stretch it is perfect for products that benefit from these characteristics, like baby and toddler wear.

  • highly absorbent
  • skin-friendly
  • natural stretch

Fabric specifications

PRODUCT NAME: ET_TKS004_04 natural
COMPOSITION: 100% organic cotton
WIDTH: 160 cm.
WEIGHT IN GR/m2: 290
SHRINKAGE: ±6% in both directions

Wearing comfort
Organic cotton is soft, flexible, has good water absorbing properties and very comfortable to the skin. Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or insecticides and is very skin-friendly. The characteristic loops of this terry give the fabric extra softness, warmth, absorbing properties and comfort.

Origin of the material
The organic cotton from which this terry is made was grown in Turkey, in the western and southern districts close to the Aegean Sea and is also processed there. This so called Aegean cotton is famous for its beautiful colour, softness, long fiber length and high spinnability.

Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides and without GMO. This cotton is GOTS certified which means that no harmful chemicals were used in the entire production chain. In addition, the GOTS certification is your guarantee that strict social standards were followed (healthy conditions for the workers on the fields and in the factory, no children's labour etc.)

Composition: 100% organic cotton
Weight: 290 gr/m2
Colour: natural