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ET_IK002 offwhite
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Offwhite faux fur from Icelandic wool

Offwhite faux fur from Icelandic wool. The fabric (with wool from Icelandic sheep, a distinct race) is made with a special technique, using only raw and loose fibres (so-called sliver) and no yarns. This sliver is knitted on a cotton ground which results in a nice and smooth back and a soft fur-like front. The pile height of this white colour is between 5 and 10 cm and irregular. It is suitable for making e.g.jackets and coats and can also be used for plaids. See below for more info about Icelandic wool.

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A sample of this fabric is included in our sample set of long pile faux fur. This can be viewed and purchased here:

Fabric specifications

PRODUCT NAME: ET_IK002 offwhite
COMPOSITION: 100% wool on a cotton ground
WIDTH: 150 cm +/- 5%
WEIGHT IN GR/m2: 500

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Icelandic wool

This article is made from Icelandic wool. Sheep may already have been introduced to Iceland as early as 874 by Vikings, but most historians think this only happened around the year 1300. Since then, the Icelandic sheep has physically adapted to the harsh climate and sometimes biting cold. It has a soft, dense and well-insulating underwool and an outer fleece of longer wool that protects the sheep against rain and snow. A characteristic of the Icelandic wool is that it is only rarely dyed and that the natural wool colours white, black, grey and brown are used.

Sheep are not kept intensively in Iceland but they roam practically free. Icelandic sheep are unique, there are about 400.000-500.000 of these animals. The typical Icelandic sheep farm has a herd of 200-300 animals. Mulesing doesn't exist in Iceland and the farmers estimate that, compared to Europe, 30 times less antibiotics are used in Iceland because the sub-arctic climate is unfavorable for pests like lice.

Warm spring or geyser water is used to wash and degrease the wool. It is so gentle that very little soap or degreasing agents need to be used.

More information about Icelandic wool

More information about Icelandic wool, the sheep and the keeping of sheep in Iceland can be found here

Composition: Top: 100% wool, Ground: 100% cotton
Weight: 500 gr/m2
Colour: Offwhite