Sweat fabric from organic cotton and hemp

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Sweat fabric made from organic cotton and hemp

Unbrushed organic cotton (70%) and hemp (30%) sweat, a high-quality fabric that is both soft and luxurious. Compared to sweat made of 100% cotton this fabric is a bit livelier because the yarns are slightly irregular. It is the hemp that makes the difference and also gives the fabric a slightly different grip.
With its weight of 360 gr/m2, this fabric is both versatile and durable. The loop knit that characterises the sweat gives a great moisture absorption capacity, as well as softness and comfort. That makes this fabric ideal for loungewear, among other things. The fabric is made in Turkey from Aegean organic cotton and hemp that was grown in Europe.

  • High quality natural fibers
  • Innovative blend
  • High moisture absorption capacity

Fabric specifications

COMPOSITION: 70/30% organic cotton/hemp
WIDTH: 160 cm.
WEIGHT IN GR/m2: 360
SHRINKAGE: ± 8% in both directions
Care instructions

Clothing comfort

Fabrics from hemp and organic cotton are very suitable for apparel. Hemp doesn’t enclose much air and has relatively poor insulation properties. Therefore fabrics with hemp always feel fresh and cool, a distinct advantage for summer clothing. In addition hemp is highly absorbent, it takes up water rapidly and also releases it quickly. On hot days this helps in regulating the microclimate between body and clothing. Organic cotton is soft, comfortable and is affordable. Both fibers are well supported when worn directly on the skin.

Composition: 70/30% organic cotton/hemp
Weight: 360 gr/m2
Colour: offwhite
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