Yarn from Campine wool

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ET_Y027 natural
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Yarn (100% wool) from Campine Heath sheep

Undyed creamy white two-thread yarn (Nm 5.5/2) made of 100 per cent wool. The wool comes from the Campine Heathsheep, a breed mainly kept in the Dutch-Belgian border region. It is suitable as weaving and knitting yarn as well as for tufting and crochet.

Product specifications

COMPOSITION: 100% wool
CONE WEIGHT: app. 1 kg

Ecological Textiles

Origin of the wool

The race that supplied this wool has been kept for centuries in the Campine heaths, a border area situated in Belgium and the Netherlands. Traditionally these heath sheep were important as 'suppliers' of meat, wool and (not unimportant for these poor sandy soils) manure. The wool quality is good and fine enough to make beautiful textiles from it, maybe because in the 19th century crossbreeding with merino sheep was eperimented with. Nowadays the Campine heath sheep are mainly used for grazing the heaths, which are increasingly suffering from grasses. Thanks to the grazing, these sheep contribute to the restoration of biodiversity.

Composition: 100% wool
Thickness: Nm 5,5/2
Colour: Natural