organic cotton denim


Strong and durable woven twills, made from a dyed warp and a white weft: denim was more or less invented for the cowboys of the French Camargue, the region near the city of Nimes from which the name is derived. It is associated with jeans and workwear, but of course this very popular fabric has many applications. Below we present some GOTS certified denims made from organic cotton, but also some blends of organic cotton and hemp.

Raw denim of hemp and organic cotton

Chambray denim grey GOTS

Chambray denim indigo GOTS

Hemp denim

These fabrics are either made from 100% organic cotton or blends of organic cotton and hemp, two natural fibres that represent the ultimate in ecological and sustainable production. The cotton was grown organically, hemp is always grown in this way, but usually is not certified. There are no GOTS certified hemp fabrics on the market, at least we haven't been able to find them. Even so, hemp is considered to be one of the most sustainable textiles known. The plant doesn't require irrigation during it's explosive growth, has little natural enemies (insects) and therefore needs no herbicides or pesticides. It is a much stiffer and stronger fibre then cotton, with a lower elasticity, which makes the two fibres complementary to each other. The blends in the presented fabrics above represent, so to speak, 'the best of two worlds'.
All these fabrics are produced 'Fair' and are finished and dyed following high ecological and socially responsible methods.

  • 100% natural and biodegradable
  • no chemical treatment
  • eco friendly finish
  • fair production


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