Canvas of organic linen in colour cafe noir

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ET_BW004 cafenoir
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Plain weave of GOTS-certified organic linen in colour Cafe Noir

A sturdy fabric from 100% organic linen, with a distinct character and woven in a plain weave. Dyed eco-friendly in the colour ‘Cafe Noir’, a dark brown. Dyeing was done in accordance with the GOTS standard for organic textiles which means that the dyes don't contain heavy metals and are non-allergenic.
With a weight of 495 g/m2 this fabric is perfect for interior design (plating, curtains) as well as for making bags. The flax from which this linen was produced, was grown in Europe and processed there.

  • organic linen
  • dyed eco-friendly
  • unique and distinctive

Order samples

A sample of this fabric (the quality, not necessarily the colour) is included in our sample set of woven linen fabrics. We also have sets with all the colours of this fabric (ET_BW04).

Fabric specifications

PRODUCT NAME: ET_BW004 cafenoir
COMPOSITION: 100% organic linen
WIDTH: 138 cm.
WEIGHT IN GR/m2: 495
ABRASION: > 22.000

The colours in this set















Sustainable linen

Linen is considered to be one of the most sustainable textiles known. The flax plant doesn’t require irrigation during growth and even when it is grown conventionally it needs little or no treatment with herbicides or pesticides. Linen is a natural product, it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable and feels very nice on the skin.

Today, flax is also very much a ‘European’ plant in the sense that France and Belgium are the leading flax producting countries in the world. These countries, to which the Netherlands may be added, can bow on a long tradition which was made possible by ideal climatic conditions and soils. More than 80% of the world production is European, with nearly 75.000 acres under cultivation annually.

GOTS certified linen

This offwhite fabric is GOTS certified. GOTS is the leading standard for organic textiles, and fabrics carrying the GOTS label represent the ultimate in ecological and sustainable production. It assures you that the flax from which this fabric was made was grown organically, without using insecticides or pesticides. In addition it is your assurance that the most ecological and socially responsible methods have been used throughout the entire production process. This means amongst (many) other things:

  • no GMO
  • no harmful chemicals
  • no child labour
  • no dyes or inks that have been classified as allergenic

Ecological Textiles is a GOTS-certified company. This gives you the possibility to make your collection GOTS certified, provided that you work with GOTS certified fabrics and that your own company is GOTS certified as well. Here is where you can find our GOTS-CERTIFICATE

Composition: 100% organic linen
Weight: 495 g/m2
Colour: cafenoir
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