Quilted batiste with extra layer

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Quilted batiste from organic cotton and wool

Quilted batiste from organic cotton and wool.
This fabric consists of two layers of offwhite organic batiste (90 gr/m2, 100% organic cotton) with a layer of wool fleece (90 gr/m2) inbetween. This wool fleece is made from 88/15% wool/PLA. As an extra protection the woolfleece is covered with PLA scrim. The layers are sewn in a diagonal pattern. This quilted fabric has a luxurious appearance and can be used for e.g. lightweight blankets or nightgowns.

Two quilted fabrics

We have two quilted fabrics, both made from the same organic cotton batiste with an innerlayer of 90 gr. wool fleece. The difference is that an extra layer of PLA has been added in the fabric ET_TKW005-4 (the fabric on this page) between the batiste and the woolfleece. This reduces the transparancy of the batiste and adds some stability, but also increases the percentage of PLA.



Composition: 100% organic cotton, 100% PLA, 85/15% wool/PLA
Weight: 490 g/m2
Colour: offwhite